The Cochrane Consumer Network Executive

The Consumer Network Executive was set up in 1995 to provide governance and leadership for the 2,000 and growing, international community of consumers (patients, carers  and public) who work to help produce and spread Cochrane evidence. Members of the Consumer Executive are drawn from the Cochrane Consumer Network. The Cochrane Consumer Engagement Manager is part of the Cochrane Central Executive Team and the Consumers' Executive, and is tasked with supporting consumers and promoting consumer involvement in Cochrane. 

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Cochrane’s Consumer Executive’s vision is for a global community of healthcare consumers (patients, carers and the public) united by their search for high quality, unbiased information about health conditions and treatment, and who can contribute meaningfully throughout the process of production and dissemination of research.


Cochrane’s Consumer Executive’s mission is to advocate for, and offer leadership to, the Cochrane community about consumer involvement and engagement, and to represent the priorities and concerns of healthcare consumers (patients, carers and the public)


Our objectives are designed to reflect our vision, mission and Cochrane’s principles.

  1. Advocate for consumers as users and producers of Cochrane evidence
  2. Advise and give practical support to the whole Cochrane community in engaging and involving consumers in producing usable, accessible, quality evidence to inform health decisions
  3. Represent the priorities and concerns of healthcare consumers to Cochrane
  4. Engage with a diverse and global range of healthcare consumers, patient-led organisations and partnerships with organisations and in the global health research community
  5. Support consumers in their governance role within Cochrane

Consumer Network Executive

To contact all members of the Consumers' Executive, please email 

In the light of the pandemic it was been agreed in February 2022 to extend all members' terms of office. This will be reviewed at the Global Evidence Summit 2024.

Maureen Smith, Chair

Term: 2019 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)


Helen Bulbeck

Term: 2019 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)

Rachel Plachcinski

Term: 2019 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)


Ndi Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh


Ndi Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh, co-vice chair

Term: 2020 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)

Jack Nunn

Term: 2020 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)

Ana Beatriz Pizarro Nule, co-vice chair

Term: 2021 - 2024 (eligible for re-election)

April English

Cochrane Consumer Engagement Manager