How to get involved

Healthcare consumers are important to Cochrane. They are users of Cochrane evidence and the people we want to benefit from it. We want to support you and hear your voices. When you’re ready to try it, we’d love to involve you in producing our evidence. You can play a vitally important role in making sure that evidence addresses important questions and is produced, presented and made available in a way that’s useful when people are making difficult decisions about healthcare.

Below you will find various different ways of getting involved with Cochrane. 

Join the global community of Cochrane Consumers

The Cochrane Consumer Network is a growing community of healthcare consumers, currently over 2.000 strong, and from 106 countries. You can find out more about the Consumer Network and join us here

Support the work of Cochrane Review Groups and Fields

You can also get in touch directly with a Cochrane Review Group or Field in the area of your interest to see if there are opportunities for you to contribute, for example, as a co-author, peer reviewer or helping to identify important research questions. 

You can find a full list of Cochrane Review Groups here and Fields here

Join the citizen scientists of Cochrane Crowd

Anyone can join this collaborative volunteer effort to help categorise and summarise healthcare evidence so that we can make better healthcare decisions. You can volunteer to carry out short tasks and you’ll be walked through everything you need to know. Just sixty seconds a day could be really helpful!

Visit Cochrane Crowd

Join Cochrane Engage


Cochrane Engage is a software platform that connects people who need help with their reviews with people who have the time and expertise to help. Joining and setting up your profile in Cochrane Engage is easy and then you can search for tasks that match your interests and skills.

Visit Cochrane Engage

Cochrane Engage

Become a Consumer Peer Reviewer


You can read and comment on systematic reviews and protocols on topics you have experience of, in order to make sure they’re relevant, accessible and sensitive to other consumers like you. You’ll find requests for consumer peer reviewers on Cochrane Engage

Visit Cochrane Engage

Help translate Cochrane evidence

Translating Cochrane content into other languages is a priority for us.

For more information about becoming a volunteer translator, please visit this page.