Learning and resources

On this page you will find information about the learning and resources that are available to support consumer engagement and involvement in Cochrane.

Learning for consumer engagement and involvement

Cochrane has put together a collection of resources for Cochrane consumers and those who want to involve consumers in the production of Cochrane Reviews. These include online learning, a range of webinars and other information.

Two key co-produced and free resources are Evidence Essentials, an introduction to Evidence Based Medicine, clinical trials, systematic reviews and how to understand and use Cochrane evidence. Involving People is online learning for author teams about involving consumers in reviews. Involving consumers (patients and public) in your Cochrane review - a brief guide for authors can be downloaded here

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Resources for involvement

Cochrane continues to develop resources that support the engagement and involvement of our consumer community.

Discover learning and resources for consumer peer reviewers

Download A guide to consumer involvement in funding applications

COVID-19 Consumer rapid response group

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, health decision-makers needed trustworthy evidence to help answer many questions, and they needed it quickly. During 2020, the Cochrane community worked with partners to find ways to respond to this situation and meet the needs of evidence users. This Supplement to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews collects initiatives involving Cochrane groups, in the form of short reports. You can read the report here

A team of consumers, authors and others have developed comprehensive resources for the COVID-19 Consumer rapid response group, both for consumers and for Cochrane author teams.

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International PPI network

The international network on public involvement in health and social care research was launched in 2017 and involves a network of over 260 organisations. Read more about it here.

The Network has collaborated with Cochrane's Learning Live programme and produced ten webinars on the subject of global engagement and involvement. These cover a basic introduction to the topic, involvement in evidence synthesis, core outcome sets, impact measurement and much more. You can watch the webinars and download the slide sets here