A Network for patients and carers within Cochrane

What is the Cochrane Consumer Network?

Cochrane uses the term consumers to represent patients, carers and family members with first-hand experience of a healthcare condition. As a Cochrane consumer, you can play a vital role within Cochrane, providing a non-clinical perspective on the health evidence presented in Cochrane reviews.

The Cochrane Consumer Network is a large and growing community of over 1,750 people in 79 countries across the world. The Cochrane Consumer Network is open to any patients, carers, family members and others who are interested in high-quality health evidence.

Why join the Cochrane Consumer Network?

The Cochrane Consumer Network is free to join. The benefits of being part of this community include:

• Opportunities to help produce Cochrane evidence
• Monthly news bulletins and quarterly newsletters that keep you up to date with relevant issues inside and outside Cochrane
• Training and learning opportunities
• Cheaper rates for attendance at a range of Cochrane events
• Stipends to attend local and international Cochrane meetings
• Eligibility to vote in, and stand for, elections to the Cochrane Consumer Network Executive

How can I join the Cochrane Consumer Network?

Please complete this short form to join the Cochrane Consumer Network. To complete the form you will need to log in or create a Cochrane Account. We will contact you with a welcome pack and put you in touch with Review Groups or Centres, depending on how you wish to contribute. We will also contact you with regular information and newsletters.

Cochrane consumers and Cochrane Membership

Patients, carers and family members who contribute to Cochrane’s work, are rewarded by becoming Cochrane Members. Cochrane Membership recognises the valuable contribution made by consumers in helping to raise awareness of Cochrane evidence.

How can I find out more?

Please contact Richard Morley, Cochrane Consumer Engagement Officer, if you have any questions: rmorley@cochrane.org

Infographic screenshot

Our interactive infographic Introducing Cochrane and its consumers is a great place to start if you want to find out more about:

• Cochrane and the research evidence we produce 
• How to use Cochrane evidence 
• How consumers contribute to Cochrane
• How to get involved 
• Training resources to help you prepare to volunteer

Who's who

Find out more about the Consumer Network Executive.

Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from previous consumer events.

Download further resources

Cochrane Consumer Network: Welcome pack

Cochrane Consumer Network: Information leaflet 

Consumer involvement in Cochrane: Briefing document