Consumers making a difference in Egypt

First meeting of Egyptian contributors to the Cochrane Consumer Network - Cairo, Egypt

Almost 7 years ago when Ashraf Nabhan started contributing to The Cochrane Collaboration, there was not a single consumer from Egypt in the CCNet. Having relaized the importance of involving conumers, he started to build a network in Egypt and the consumer network has grown exponentially ever since. Ola, the most recent newcomer to the CCNet from Egypt, is actually doing most of the work in organizing a meeting for Egyptian contributors to the Cochrane Consumer Network.

This is the first meeting of any consumer group in Egypt and in the region. This is important not only because it is the rock to build on but because those beautiful dedicated minds, for the first time, can find themselves contributing to a great endeavour and working with other beautiful minds within a respectable collaboration to ensure that "healthcare decision making around the world will be informed by high quality, timely research evidence"  

The planned meeting will focus on explaining in depth the important consumer input during the review process, evaluating the current status of Cochrane consumer involvement from Egypt, discussing innovative ideas to increase  contribution from Egypt, and finally setting a training agenda to  support those who serve as a consumer referee. The meeting will host 50 policy makers and 30 active contributors to the CCNet, as well as 120 newcomers who will attend the meeting.

  • Goals:  
  1. To raise awareness regarding The Cochrane Collaboration
  2. To raise awareness regarding the contribution of consumers to work of The Cochrane Collaboration
  3. To increase the knowledge regarding how to use The Cochrane Library
  4. To introduce consumers and policy makers to the principles of  evidence informed healthcare decision making
  5. To understand the basic ideas of how to know what treatment works

Please contact Prof. Ashraf Fawzy Nabhan (, of the Cochrane Developing Countries Field, with any questions about the meeting.