COVID-19 Consumer rapid response group resources

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Cochrane will be working on a number of rapid (and full) reviews of evidence. You can read more about how Cochrane is responding to the pandemic here. We want to make it possible for review teams and consumers to collaborate in the time available for completing a rapid review.

In order to do this, a group of consumers has volunteered to be a part of a COVID-19 consumer rapid response group. Members fit into one or more of the following groups:-

  • People at high risk of COVID-19 infection (e.g. such as immune-suppressed, people living in high risk areas, people working with sick persons)
  • People who are ill or have recovered from COVID-19
  • People who have experience caring for someone with COVID-19 as an informal caregiver
  • Family members and/or co-habitants of people who have experienced COVID-19
  • People with lived experience of other conditions (e.g. mental health, cancer) that are influenced by COVID-19
  • People who do not have direct lived experience related to COVID-19 but are interested in contributing to reviews and guidelines
  • Experienced consumers who could support new consumers

Members of the group will respond to reviews at very short notice, sometimes in a matter of hours. For more information, please contact

Below are resources for members of the COVID-19 consumer rapid response group and for authors, and others who wish to work with consumers.

For members of the COVID-19 consumer rapid response group

Background document and welcome pack for members of the consumer rapid response group. (Available here)



A number of people have volunteered to offer peer support for members of the rapid response group who need advice or guidance when contributing to rapid or other reviews for Cochrane. Please email consumers@ to be linked with someone who can help you quickly. 

Involvement resources

These resources are for members of the COVID-19 consumer rapid response group when they become involved in Cochrane rapid reviews.

  • How consumers can be involved in the authoring of Cochrane COVID-19 rapid reviews. Available here
  • Video - how consumers can be involved in authoring of COVID-19 rapid reviews.  Available here.
  • What is expected of you as a peer reviewer. Available here.
  • Consumer peer review checklists for protocols and full reviewsPlease note: consumer peer reviewers for some rapid reviews may be asked to use Scholar1 - an online system for submitting peer review feedback. Guidance will be given but you can see how Scholar1 works by watching this video.
  • How consumers can be involved in dissemination. Available here 
  • Sharing trusted evidence and information about COVID-19 on social media. One page guidance is available here. There's also a really helpful video you can watch here

For Cochrane authors, and groups who want to involve consumers in COVID-19 reviews

These resources are for rapid review authors, Cochrane CET, Networks, Review Groups, Fields and others.

  • Involving consumers in Cochrane COVID-19 rapid reviews. Available here.
  • Video - Involving consumers in Cochrane COVID-19 rapid reviews. Watch here.

If you have any questions, please contact

COVID-19 consumer rapid response task group

In order to enable consumers to be a part of the rapid review research team, a number of consumers, authors, editors, partners and others came together to form a task group. They have together designed a rapid response process, with resources that help this to happen. You can read their biographies here. They are: 

  • Sally Crowe
  • Neil Haddaway
  • Lyuba Lytvyn
  • Catherine Marshall
  • Rachel Marshall
  • Richard Morley
  • Alex Pollock
  • Maureen Smith
  • Annie Synnott
  • Oliver Willis