The Knowledgeable Patient: Communication and Participation in Health - A Cochrane Handbook by Sophie Hill.

"The Knowledgeable Patient is for anyone hoping to gain a greater understanding of the ways in which communication and participation in health is shaping our health care experiences and outcomes." - Sophie Hill discusses her new book in this video: watch?v=1MqDkTXI1qA.  

"Effective communication between health professionals and health care consumers has become a key ingredient for good health outcomes. Actively involved and knowledgeable patients adopt a variety of tools to improve their health experiences and outcomes. These include: finding and utilising the evidence found in systematic reviews to help with decision making; feeling confident to ask their health professional for alternative treatment options; seeking support and advice from a variety of different sources; and contributing experience and new ideas on how to improve the health system.

The Knowledgeable Patient examines key communication and participation issues and explores the surrounding evidence-base. Practical information regarding how to access evidence and how to use the evidence is also included. This book is based on a variety of different sources, including consumer stories, evidence found in systematic reviews and examples drawn from the community, health services and policy making."

The Knowledgeable Patient is targeted to consumers, health care professionals, health service managers, students and policy makers. For more information on purchasing the book, please visit:,descCd-buy.html