TaskExchange for Consumer Volunteering Opportunities

For some time, we have been encouraging the use of TaskExchange.

There are advantages to the new system, including:

  • Your experience can be targeted to your preferences
  • It will result in fewer emails in your email inbox
  • More opportunities for consumers are being posted on TaskExchange from Cochrane and carefully selected partner organisations, giving you more choice about the things you might like to help with

It has been agreed that from 24th June 2019, new consumer tasks will only be advertised on TaskExchange. The consumer mailing list will no longer be available for this from that date.

This is a change from the present process and we have prepared help for you in the form of information, a transition period, and support from the TaskExchange and consumer support team.


Instructions that explain the TaskExchange sign up process can be downloaded here

We would especially like to draw your attention to the function that allows you to receive weekly email alerts for consumer tasks. The instructions explain this too.

We also delivered two webinars for consumers recently and we have edited one of these which can be viewed (along with other information) here.


For a period of six weeks from the 24th June 2019 we will be writing to you on a weekly basis with information about current volunteering opportunities on TaskExchange and information about joining TaskExchange. This will give you several opportunities to follow the links to the website and sign up.


Do get in touch if you need support or have any have questions about using TaskExchange for consumer tasks. Technical questions about TaskExchange can be sent to Emily Steele by email at taskexchange@cochrane.org, anything else to Richard Morley, Consumer Engagement Officer by email at rmorley@cochrane.org. If you have any problems with your login you can email support@cochrane.org.

We will be monitoring the change to TaskExchange as it goes ahead and making any changes to the process as necessary, for example by extending the transition period.

Thank you so much for being part of changing the process. This, along with other changes in terms of membership, learning, and support, will hopefully lead to a more helpful process in the longer run.