Feature story

Background to the Delivery Plan 2016 to 2020


The purpose of this Delivery Plan is to set out a framework for implementing the key priorities identified by the recent Cochrane Consumer Network Structure and Function Review. The network of consumer contributors is a fundamental part of Cochrane, and contributes at every level to the goals identified in Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020:

GOAL 1: Producing evidence
To produce high-quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews and other synthesised research evidence to inform health decision making.

GOAL 2: Making our evidence accessible
To make Cochrane evidence accessible and useful to everybody, everywhere in the world.

GOAL 3: Advocating for evidence
To make Cochrane the ‘home of evidence’ to inform health decision making, build greater recognition of our work, and become the leading advocate for evidence-informed health care.

GOAL 4: Building an effective & sustainable organisation
To be a diverse, inclusive and transparent international organisation that effectively harnesses the enthusiasm and skills of our contributors, is guided by our principles, governed accountably, managed efficiently and makes optimal use of its resources.

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