An Introduction to Consumer Involvement in Cochrane

Systematic reviews critically appraise all the evidence available for medical treatments. Highly trained experts examine the effects of treatments to provide essential information to medical professionals about the benefits of following a particular treatment. However, Cochrane reviews can also be used to guide patients in making decisions about their healthcare.


Evidence-based healthcare benefitting consumers


This video introduces one of the world's largest producer of systematic reviews, Cochrane. This 7-minute video explains how Cochrane and the Cochrane library benefit both consumers and providers by publishing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care readily available worldwide.  Play video

Cochrane Consumer Network

Consumers improving health


CCNet members explain how they work together to improve healthcare. This 9-minute video looks at how consumers around the world are networking and contributing to the evidence-based health care within the organisation. The video was shot and edited by Center Media at the Cochrane Colloquium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.      Play video  

Consumers United for Evidence-based Health Care

Consumer Advocacy


This six-minute video features members of the Consumers United for Evidence-based Health Care (CUE), a US-based coalition, associated with the US Cochrane Center, which highlights the role of consumers in promoting evidence-based health care. Play video