New affiliation with the Canadian Cochrane Centre

The Cochrane Collaboration consists of a diverse group of people, committed to improving healthcare, despite being scattered around the globe. To ensure that the people supporting Cochrane are not isolated, the Collaboration established 14 Cochrane Centres (some of which have a number of Branches attached to them) around the globe. The Cochrane Consumer Network and all review groups within The Collaboration have one Cochrane Centre as its ‘reference centre’ to provide support to it. Tell us what you think; add a comment below.

Cochrane Centres (and, in turn, their Branches) support consumers and review groups by providing linguistic and geographic support. This could include customizing Cochrane Reviews for the local population, completing translations of reviews into other languages, providing training and by developing new applications for plain language summaries.As our consumers build links into new parts of the world, CCNet’s needs will change and our Cochrane Centre affiliation will be adjusted.

CCNet members have indicated that they are ready to make evidence available to everyone. The dual problems of translating technical reviews into plain language and of reaching a multi-lingual population continue to challenge the Collaboration’s access to the mainstream public and to non-English speaking contributors (including consumers).

The Canadian Cochrane Centre integrates consumers into the review process by interpreting scientific data and creating practical tools for the public. Already working with consumers in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and three continents (North America, South America and Europe), the Canadian Cochrane Centre has offered CCNet guidance to move in this direction. Liz Whamond, Chairperson of the CCNet Consumers’ Executive, disclosed, “The Canadian Centre has been extremely supportive of Canadian consumers and they will offer good advice to CCNet. We are quite delighted.”

After consultation with the Consumers’ Executive and several Cochrane Centres, CCNet has decided to accept this offer of support and has had the change in reference centre (to the Canadian Centre) approved by The Collaboration.

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