Election to the Cochrane Consumer Network Executive

Election to the Cochrane Consumer Network Executive

Nancy Fitton has been appointed to the Consumers’ Executive for a further period of three years to 2020.

Nominations to the Consumers’ Executive (CE) closed on Friday 16th June 2017. A small number of enquiries was made however, only one complete nomination was received. Nancy Fitton (USA) was nominated by Kay Dickersin (USA) and Caroline Struthers (UK). As we received only one nomination an election is not required. Nancy has served one period of three years on the Consumers’ Executive and  will be re-appointed for a further three year until 2020.

Cochrane Consumer Network members have a key role in the production of healthcare evidence and the governance of the organisation. Members of the Cochrane Consumer Network Executive are involved in important work to support consumer involvement in Cochrane and to help meet the challenges of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020.

The current Consumer Network Executive is made up of four of enthusiastic people from around the globe and the Consumer Coordinator. A decision was taken at the 2017 Mid-year meeting of the CE to keep one position vacant due to the uncertainty around the costs of supporting the CE, the impact of the new Cochrane Council and other imminent changes in Cochrane. This decision will be reviewed at the Mid-year meeting in 2018.

Vacancies arise on the CE on a regular basis and if you are interested in being a member please do get in touch at any time to find out what is involved and how best we can support you to be prepared for the role. Contact admin@cochrane.org for more information.