Engaging Consumers

Below you can find some resources you could use to engage new consumers in the work of The Collaboration:

Introducing Consumers to Cochrane

Consumer Involvement in Reviews
Email new consumers this welcome packet to explain how consumers can become involved in The Collaboration.

CCNet brochure introducing The Cochrane Collaboration
Print an illustrative brochure about evidence-based healthcare and consumer participation in The Cochrane Collaboration.

Invitation to Join CCNet
Use this text to inform your consumers about the Cochrane Consumer Network.  Invite them to become members and we’ll do the rest.

Explaining Systematic Reviews

Use this online resource to share with consumers the concept of a systematic review, empowering consumers through participation and an explanation of the parts of a review.

Sense About Systematic Reviews
Use this article from Sense About Science to provide more detail about the rationale for conducting a systematic review.

Becoming Consumer Referees 

Setting Expectations for Consumer Referees
Share this guidance document with consumers to explain what Cochrane Review Groups need from consumer referees and how consumers can expect to impact the final review.

Consumer Referee Checklists
The ERC and CCNet have developed a new checklist to be used with Consumer Referees.  Click the following links to download the checklists for protocols or reviews

Using Consumer Referee Checklists.doc
This explanatory guide provides consumer referees with clear descriptions of the terms contained in each section of the checklists for reviews and protocols.